Urban Exploration as Heritage Placemaking Seminar

As part of their YOHRS (York Heritage Research Seminars), Archaeology are having Dr. Brad Garrett up from Southampton to speak:
Urban Exploration as Heritage Placemaking
Urban explorers are groups of people committed to researching, locating, scoping, exploring and often photographing temporary, obsolete, abandoned, derelict and infrastructural spaces in the built environment, usually without having permission to do so. From 2008-2015, I undertook ethnographic work with a community of urban explorers in London to better understand their nuanced and complicated relationship with places that accepts, without juxtaposition, contested and multiple material manifestations of the city. Explorers are, on the whole, not interested in conversations about preservation of material remains, yet embrace what Fredric Jameson (2002: 215) has called ‘ontologies of the present that demand archaeologies of the future’ by forcing transparency of ‘hidden’ heritage locations. Their stance toward the remains of the past, I will argue here, is both critical and celebratory of investment, construction, waste and ruination and driven by, more than anything else, a desire to disrupt notions of material stasis. In this talk, I will take you on a photographic tour of dozens of fascinating locals and make some suggestions about what I think we can and should learn from their explorations of the liminal city.
King’s Manor K/111
17:15 October 6

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