CURB Seminars 2016-2017


In January, Prof. Loretta Lees, Leicester University (title tbc).

In February, Dr Dawn Lyon, University of Kent (On Billingsgate).

In May, author Darran Anderson (On imaginary cities).


CURB Seminar: Urban Inequalities: Social Distance and Spatial Division

Wednesday 19 October 2016, 3.00pm to 16:00

Speaker: Professor Fran Tonkiss, London School of Economics

What are the social and spatial implications of deepening economic inequality in cities?  Why does economic disparity matter for the social life and spatial form of cities, and what is distinctive about contemporary patterns of urban inequality?

Fran Tonkiss is Professor in the Department of Sociology and the Cities Programme at the LSE. She is the author of Space, the City and Social Theory and Cities by Design and is currently writing a book on Urban Inequalities: divided cities in the twenty-first century.

CURB Seminar Poster Oct 2016 (PDF  , 75kb)


CURB Seminar: Only Connect: From Green Spaces to Green Infrastructure

Wednesday 16 November 2016, 3.00pm to 16:00

Speaker: Ken Worpole

In recent decades public policy on urban green spaces has mutated from typologies of distinct and inviolable spaces to the more ecological principle of connected networks: hence ‘green infrastructure’.  In his talk, writer and public policy analyst Ken Worpole will briefly chart the key moments in this mutation – which was done not only for ecological reasons but for budgetary and management reasons too – and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of moving from a world of clear typologies of green space to one of boundary-less networks.  He will also say why he loves parks and other urban green spaces so much and why we must defend them against so-called austerity economics!

Ken Worpole is the author of books on architecture, landscape and public policy.  He was a member of the UK government Urban Green Spaces Task Force (2001 – 2002), and an expert adviser to the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Urban Parks Programme. Recent books include Modern Hospice Design (2009), Contemporary Library Architecture (2013), The New English Landscape (2014), with photographer Jason Orton, and New Jerusalem: the good city and the good society (2015).

Ken Warpole 

Location: Wentworth College, W/222



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